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Bringing a brand, product or service to life through Marketing and Communications can be fun and satisfying. However, it can also be daunting and time-consuming.
Whatever your need or situation, Ginger Frog Marketing can steer you through the process easily and you can enjoy watching your business grow.
Whether you are a start-up needing help with brand development or your first marketing plan, or a well-established business beginning to outsource your marketing, we can provide a solution to suit your specific needs.

Our Services

Whether your brand is in its infancy or you are considering a re-brand, Ginger Frog Marketing can help. With experience in developing brand positioning, identity and strategy, we will guide you through from the early workshop stages all the way through to launch, or re-launch.

We can also look after all elements of the brand experience such as promotions, events and sponsorship.

We will work with you to identify measurable objectives for your business then develop a clear strategy to achieve them. We will then write a marketing and communications plan, with specific monthly actions for you, or us to implement.

Finding the right words or the right message can be difficult and frustrating, Let us do it for you! From websites, newsletters and press releases to your social media posts, we are experienced in getting to the heart of a brief and creating compelling copy.

As always, we work to suit you, whether it's writing from scratch or helping finesse your draft.

We are flexible and can work with you at any level - top level strategy or simply implementing all the things that you want to do but haven't had the time or resource to follow-up. We can step in on an ad-hoc basis when you need extra help, or provide a more continuous service.

You can benefit from our strong relationships with great agencies and suppliers in NZ to get things done quickly and efficiently, from design to printing and production.